K.O Talks About A Woman He Dedicated The Song ‘Tuxedo’ To

Talented rapper, K.O who made is major comeback into the industry last year with his PTYunLTD album, which got major street buzz and housed the song “Tuxedo” has now finally give an insight about the woman that inspired the song.

The rapper said the song is his best song in the album and it was dedicated to the woman whom he loves. Although he hasn’t really revealed who the woman is publicly, but he so much loves her, he dedicated the song to her. He said he calls her Tuxedo because she fits him out of everyone else he had been with in the past and said the song “Tuxedo” was the song he worked the most on in the album.

In other news, K.O’s Skhanda World first signed artist Loki will be releasing his single featuring K.O in few days and the song promises to be a masterpiece upon its debut.

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