Kabza De Small Fires Shots At Women Who Overdo Their Make-Up

South African musician Kabza De Small is one man who is unimpressed with how some women appear to overdo things with make-up – always going overboard when moderation would have been great.

This reality played out recently after he took to his Instagram stories and said that women should ease up applying too much makeup on their faces, adding that no human being was born “gold.” In other words, no human was born perfect, and being too focused on makeup is not the way to go. Trust Mzansi to immediately react to the message from the muso.

His remarks divided South Africans, with some women feeling attacked and clapping back because they think that his post perpetuates the idea that women should not wear too much makeup, and that it is not socially acceptable for women to express themselves through makeup.

However, some men were quick to rise to the defence of the amapiano king, insisting that he was telling the truth and they don’t exactly fancy women with too much makeup. You can check out the controversial post below.

Kabza De Small doesn’t comment much on issues, so when he does – like now – people usually listen. It remains to be seen how long he will retain the same verdict.

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