Kanye West Documentary Is Coming To Netflix

A West documentary is coming to Netflix, and the rapper’s fans are happy to know.

The West documentary was reportedly 21 years in the making. It was sold to for $30 million and will now be available to the public via that medium.

The documentary, which is said to be without title yet, was shot by Clarence Simmons and Chike Oza. The documentary will cover several aspects of the rapper’s life, from the his time in the studio to his presidential run in 2020.

Insiders have confirmed that never before seen clips of the songster will make it to documentary as well.

The news of the upcoming documentary has excited fans who just can’t wait to view their champ from his early days to the present, when he’s a global star and one of the wealthiest musicians on earth.

It’s been a mixed year for West. After a long silence, rumour of divorce from wife Kim Kardashian was confirmed. The songster had reportedly changed all his phone numbers to preempt Kim reaching him through them. Instead, at the moment, she would have to go through his lawuers and security.

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