Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend Darius Removes Pictures Of Her On Instagram After Her Moment With Usher

“Crusty,” “Kept Hoe” – KeKe Palmer’s Baby Daddy Darius Hit Hard Online Over Comments On Actress

Keke Palmer’s boyfriend Darius Daulton is serious about his aversion to the dress his girlfriend Keke Palmer wore to an event where RnB singer Usher serenaded her and left her emotional. He has reportedly deleted all pictures of the singer from his Instagram page.

However, pictures of their son, Leodis, remain. Daulton had criticised Keke Palmer’s outfit, which he described as inappropriate for a mother. His take on her clothing elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some tweeps supporting him and others criticising.

Some social media users even mocked his financial state, insisting that he has no right to say or do anything since Keke Palmer is the one taking care of the home and also the one who gave him the phone he used in writing about her.

Amid the criticisms, he deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as erased pictures of the woman he calls his girlfriend.