Kelly Attends The Christening Of Sister Zandie Kumalo’s Child

In a move that will please shippers of their relationship, showed up for the christening of her sister Zandie Khumalo’s son, Zenala.

If you have been paying attention, then you probably know that the sisters have been at odds for a long time. So their coming together means a lot for those who have been proposing g amity between them.

Zandie Khumalo was the woman of the moment, beyond chuffed to not only have a son but to be christening him as well. Her verified Instagram page glitters with images and videos from the occasion. And her comment sections have been thronged with fans sharing their delight for her and her son,

But the key delight for most has been ’s presence at the christening. The “ Comigo” singer has had sporadic tiffs with her sister and their mother. And although a semblance of reconciliation appeared to have taken place in the past, it apparently didn’t last, and the sisters were snarling at each other again.

Interestingly, although Kelly showed up for the dedication of Zenala, she didn’t share any pictures from the event – not on her main Instagram page, anyway.

Could this mark the end of the beef between the sisters?

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