Kelly Khumalo Covers Up Matching Tattoo She Got With Chad Da Don

South African singer, Kelly Khumalo is trying hard to put the past behind her as she moves on from her relationship with Chad Da Don.

To do this effectively, the singer is removing things that remind her of the relationship and one of such is the matching tattoo she got with Chad Da Don.

She is not only trying to forget the past, but she is also actively blotting it out and covering it up the way she is covering up the tattoo she got with Chad Da Don and even referred to it as a mistake.

Her post on Instagram read;

Mistakes are meant to be made as long as we learn from them, forgive ourselves, heal and move on like it never happened 🖤 mmmm… let’s see what 20plenty has for us 😋 #UndithathaKancinci🔓#InkGang

It is not only on the tattoo front that Kelly Khumalo is changing things, her hair has also undergone a change. She got a new makeover to help her forget what she looked like when she was with him.

The ‘Asine’ singer is one of the popular names on the music scene and has been a fan favorite since her entrance in 2004 and her fans will of course be rooting for her to put the past behind her and put her head back in the game.

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