Kelly Khumalo Faces Backlash After Bathtub Post

Kelly Khumalo addresses backlash from bathtub post

Kelly Khumalo faces and replies backlash for posting racy bathtub image.

We dare say that Kelly Khumalo is one of the most talked about and criticized celebrities in all of Mzansi. The singer has had her fair share of backlash but we doubt that it would ever end because it just keeps coming all the time.

In a bid to show Mzansi a photo of herself having a swell time relaxing, the singer ended up causing more trouble for herself. She shared an image of herself in a bathtub wearing nothing but a towel around her head. The result of the photo was lots and lots of backlash, with many calling her antics “unchristianly”.

Not going without a fight, the singer shot back at the people who criticized her on social media saying they were “hypocritical believers”. Well, that still hasn’t stopped her from doing and posting what she likes.

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