Kelly Khumalo Fires Indirect Shot At Jub Jub After His Apology

It appears like “ Comigo” songstress is not ready to forgive her baby daddy Jub Jub and move on just yet.

Soon after Jub Jub apologized to her publicly and indicated his interest in being present in the life of their son, she’s indicated in a social media post that she isn’t ready for him just yet.

In a post to her story, the songstress had shared a screenshot of a post by Real Talk Kim, which reads verbatim:

“That TOXIC monster who you saw in the end is who they really are. Never doubt yourself again when they act nice. God allows them to show off to you so wouldn’t waste your time and go back.”

The message wasn’t lost on the fans on the songstress, who realized immediately that she’d indirectly fired a shot at Jub Jub.

In a recent interview with MacG during an appearance on Podcast and Chill, Jub Jub had called a witch and noted that he “smashed” Amanda Du-Pont.

Amanda had countered in a view posted to her channel that Jub Jub actually raped her and used threats to keep her quiet. The reactions were instant and Jub Jub was instantly canceled.

Although he apologized to Amanda soon after, he denied ever raping her. He also didn’t apologize to at the time. The current apology is considered an afterthought.

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