Kelly Khumalo Hits Back At Troll Who Called Her A “Murderer”

Kelly Khumalo blast Twitter troll who labelled her a "murderer"

Kelly Khumalo hits back at a troll who called her a murderer on social media.

Another day, another Kelly Khumalo drama. It is obvious that the singer and business woman is trying to move on but Mzansi wont let her. A few weeks back, she urged people to let the death of her daughter’s father, Senzo Meyiwa be.

Everyone knows Kelly is blamed over and over again for his death. Although she has come out to say she had nothing to do with it, people still believe she knows something about it. Anyway, there’s so much one woman can take.

On Tuesday, August 18, the talented songstress trended for putting a troll in her place on Twitter. We hear she was minding her business when a troll sent her a message calling her a ‘murderer’. Well, Kelly flipped and went in on the troll until there was nothing left by bones.

Social media was divided at her response. Some felt it was great that she stood up for herself while others said her reply was unnecessary. In the end, Kelly is only human and will react as such.

In other news, her new song “Empini” is still one of the top Afro Pop / Soul songs in the country right now.

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