Kelly Rowland Has Been A Fan Of Uncle Waffles For 1 Year

American singer Kelly Rowland gushes about Piano DJ Uncle Waffles and says she has been a fan for one year.

Uncle Waffles is currently one of the biggest DJs in Africa right. Like a storm, she is taking over the world one step at a time. She has put South Africa on the map many times this year. You could even say, more times than anyone this year.

With several of the world’s biggest stars, including Drake and Beyoncé showing her love, Waffles is close to dominating the world. During a recent interview, American singer Kelly Rowland spoke about her love for the “Tanzania” star and said she’d been a fan for a year.

“I love music. I listen to music all the time … It’s really cool to see artists come up with new ways — like there’s this really cool DJ out right now, her name is Uncle Waffles and she’s got so much personality … she’s so cool, she just played at Coachella but I’ve been knowing about this girl for at least a year now.”

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