Keri Hilson Talks Industry Pressure, Denies Beef With Beyoncé…

American singer Keri Hilson has denied she has a beef with her contemporary Beyoncé.

Almost a decade ago, Keri Hilson was at the top of her game. Many expected her to wear the RnB crown given the massive following she had gotten for her music. She was working with the likes of Lil Wayne, Nas, and Kanye West.

In the heyday of her career, the songstress treated the world to several charming numbers, including “Lose Control” and “Knock you Down.”

Then she’d vanished mysteriously from the scene. For almost a decade, she laid low. Now, though, the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer has resurfaced – but not exactly with a song. In a recent interview with Fox Soul, the songstress spoke about her melancholy and why she took a break from the mic.

Back when her “Turning Me On (Remix)” leaked, she had been accused of disrespecting Beyoncé in the lyrics. She denies this, however. According to her, the beef thing was merely an attempt to frame her.

Well, does the Fox Soul interview presage a new song from the singer? The coming weeks should reveal a lot.

By the way, it looks like the singer might be looking to a new life with a much younger lover, after years of ambivalence about dating someone younger – or so her latest tweets reveal.

Watch the full interview below.

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