Khaya Dlanga’s Apartment Gets Robbed

Khaya Dlanga’s Apartment Gets Robbed

Khaya Dlanga takes to social media to reveal that his apartment was robbed by thieves.

Mzansi star, Khaya Dlanga has taken to social media to share a sad incident that happened in his apartment. He revealed to his followers that his apartment alongside a few others got robbed and several of his electronic appliances were taken.

He shared that he was 30 minutes into a 4 hour yacht joy ride when he received a text from the body corporate informing him of the unfortunate news. In the text, they revealed that there had been break-ins and his apartment was one of the affected ones.

He also shared that he did not tell anyone (but Xolisa) about it so as to not make the fun outing about it. He further shared in the post “They stole any electronic gadget they could get their hands on: TV, PS5, laptop, extra phones and so on and so forth and stuff like that.”

He continues “Then in the bedroom a bunch of small things and every cologne they could see.  The only colognes not stolen were Dior because I had forgotten them in the kitchen (as seen on the last slide). I left them there because I wanted to shoot them as content. Someone said they must have left them on the counter because they thought it was some fancy cooking oil 🤣🤣🤣🤣At least they were polite and considerate enough to leave my HDMI cables. What nice thieves.