Khuli Chana Initiates A Workshop To Teach People On ‘How To Build A Sustainable Career’

Khuli Chana organises a workshop to empower the youths.

Khuli Chana, the self-acclaimed Motswako Originator, has introduced a new workshop with the aim of teaching people ‘How To Build A Sustainable Career,’

Khuli Chana has revealed his latest initiative targeted at assisting people who are in need.

The ‘Planet of The Have Nots’ maker has taken to his social media page to announce that he will be hosting a workshop which will be targeted at teaching, informing, and advising young people. He will be giving speeches that will guide young people in building a sustainable career.

Khuli Chana tweeted as he announced the day of the workshop:

THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY! One more day to go!!! To all artists and creative entreprenuers,this here is the answer to “how to build a sustainable career” in the creative industry!!! THANK ME LATER.

Khuli Chana stated that the workshop will be debuted at his hometown, Maftown.

Below is Khuli Chana line-up for the workshop:

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