Kid Tini Hypes Nasty C

Mzansi impressed as Kid Tini hypes Nasty C

Kid Tini unexpectedly hypes Nasty C and Mzansi is impressed by it.

We love it everytime rappers take time off to show love to their fellow rappers. Quite a number of them do that genuinely and it is usually nice to see.

Mzansi rapper, Nasty C is always saying what he is and the things he can do as is customary for virtually every rapper in the world. Not too long ago, he revealed he could battle Canadian rapper, Drake and come out victorious. Well, everyone laughed that off but we are sure he wasn’t joking.

The talented rapper now has a new addition to his camp, someone who believes everything he says. Kid Tini has never been known to start ‘anything’ with any other rapper so everytime he speaks, we listen. He recently took to Twitter to hype the Zulu Man, saying he is “the man he thinks he is“. This got a lot of praise from his followers.

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