Kim Kardashian Wants Court To Proceed With Her Divorce From Kanye West

It appears like there’s no going back in Kim Kardashian’s ques to divorce her estranged husband West.

This much emerged after it became clear that the mother of four had urged the court to go ahead with dissolving her marriage to the “Donda” rapper.

had filed for divorce from the man for whom he had four kids. At the time, Ye had noted that he’s always wanted to divorce her but let her do the divorce filing to “give her some dignity.”

Well, somehow, the divorce proceedings appeared to have stalled. But Ye moved on so fast, openly seeing the Russian model Irin Shayk. That relationship ended almost as soon as it started, while Kim kept to herself, hoping to start a new relationship “organically.”

Ye would appear to regret the decision to get a divorce, after all, pleading with to “rush” back to him. But the mother of four is done with him – it appears.

She’s going ahead with her relationship with her new lover Pete Davidson, who has reportedly been accepted by the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

In a filing on Wednesday, February 23, Kardashian noted that she very much wants to get a divorce. According to her, she’d urged the rapper to keep their divorce private, but he’s refused to so do.

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