King Monada Celebrates 9th Wedding Anniversary

Findst though a man who delights in his wife? He shall celebrate her publicly. The reality has just played out in the life of bolobedu musician King Monada.

In a recent tweet, the songster had indicated he was celebrating nine years of marriage with his wife who he didn’t name. According to him, he is blessed having her in his life. He describes her as amazing and thanked her for her love and care.

Fans were in the comment section of Kung Monada’s tweet to praise the beauty of his wife as well as congratulate on the recent milestone in his marriage.

By the way, months earlier, King Monada had reportedly chased away his second wife for being rude to his family as well as not giving him the peace he sought at home.

In others news, the songster had welcomed a daughter sometime in January this year. In July, however, he lost the child. The loss provoked a great wave a sympathy from around the world, from fans and other celebs alike.

Apparently the songster is in a better place emotionally now and ready to pop the bottles for his marriage anniversary.

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