Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Bryant Picked As Intern For Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

Kobe Bryant might no longer be on the material plane, but if he should be able to see things from wherever he is, he would certainly be proud of his daughter Natalia Bryant, who has just secured an internship with Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” World Tour.

The tour is named after the celebrated pop star’s most recent album.

Natalia’s name is part of a recently released list of people who would be working with the former Destiny’s Child member. Tickets for the tour are already sold out.

Known for always hiring and working with those in her circle and those she trusts, the choice of Natalia is in no way surprising. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time she had worked with Beyoncé. As early as 2021, Natalia was part of the “Hall of Ivy” campaign as a model and worked alongside Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy.

It is unclear what exactly she would be doing as an intern as her role was not detailed in the list. Still, Natalia is chuffed to be back on the working turf for Queen Bey, whose “Renaissance” tour is expected to gross about $300 million.

By the way, Beyoncé was severely criticised for leaving out Nigeria as part of the tour.

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