Kodak Black Pleads For A Nas Verse

Kodak Black pleads for a verse from Nas

Kodak Black pleads for a verse from Nas.

Literally everyone who’s a fan and follower of Hip Hop knows how much of a dope lyricist Nas is. With over thirty years in the game, the talented rapper has dropped impressive projects including “Illmatic”, “It Was Written”, “Stillmatic”, “God’s Son”,  “Hip-Hop Is Dead”, and “Life Is Good”.

Up till this moment, Nas remains one of the most respected lyricists of all time, and various Hip Hop fans all over the world agree. Incarcerated rapper, Kodak Black may be famous for his attitude but he recognizes when someone’s got game. The rapper has been putting in work with his music and even reaching out from prison for a while now.

He recently shared a message to Nas through his Instagram account pleading for a collaboration with the iconic rapper. Apparently, he sent him a track and is begging that he lay a verse on it. We hope Nasir agrees because that would surely be a killer collab.

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