Kwesta And Big Zulu Accused Of Shooting An Individual During Ama Million Remix Video Shoot

In a case of video shoot gone haywire, rappers Kwesta, Big Zulu, Stilo Magodile and YoungstaCPT have been accused of shooting down an individual during the shoot for the “Billion” Amamillion remix video shoot.

An altercation was reported to have happened by the newspaper involving the rappers and a thug, who was allegedly shot dead in the process.

In view of this Kwesta has now come out to explain that nobody was shot dead at the video shoot, although he said there was indeed an altercation between two guys who came for the video shoot, but the reason for the altercation was unknown.

At a point one of the guys brought out a gun and shot into the air making people run away. Immediately the shot was heard Kwesta continued that Big Zulu and others tried to intervene, with the gun wielding guy leaving the scene and no one was shot dead. Rapper also said he will be going to the police to vindicate himself. Kwesta wrote:

On the afternoon of the 12th of March 2020, I was invited to a music video recording in Westberry JHB, for @bigzulu_sa’s latest single “Billion” Amamillion Remix together with @zakwesa and @youngstacpt . An incident occurred between two guys that were at the video shoot, I am not sure who the guys were as I was invited to the shoot and was not made privy of the cast. I was told that an altercation occurred between two individuals just as we wrapped the shoot, I am not aware over what the altercation was about, but it led to one of the guys firing a firearm. After hearing the gun shoots we went to see what was happening, at that point Big Zulu intervened to remedy the situation and stop the guy from shooting. The shooter thereafter fled the scene. To our assumption after the incident was over, we didn’t see anyone that got hurt or appeared to be shot as some people had run away after hearing the gun shots. After waiting there for a couple of minutes we figured all was well and no one was hurt. We then decided to leave the scene as the video was done and it was getting dark. Later in the evening I started getting calls that I am being accused of shooting people. I would like to declared that this is not true and that I was not involved in any altercations that led to people being shot, I just happened to be near the scene. Certain people accusing me of such is mind boggling as I have never owned a gun, carried a gun or even shot one at any point in my life.
I will be going to the police station to make a statement and vindicate my name.

I hope that the people shot can have a speedy recovery, I will be keeping them in my prayers. Justice will be served, and I am sure the production company will work with the police to do whatever it takes to track down the culprit.

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