Kwesta Announces K1 Jaxe & DSB As The 2 Finalist For The Jameson Rap Challenge

K1 Jaxe and DSB announced by Kwesta as the finalists for The Jameson Rap Challenge

Kwesta announces rappers, K1 Jaxe and DSB as the two finalists for the Jameson Rap A Verse challenge.

We dont know if you heard but there’s a rap challenge happening and it is championed by Kwesta and sponsored by the Jameson brand. You should know, we are on the verge of witnessing the rise of a new rap star.

One thing Kwesta asked for from the challenge was to hear some Soul as they rapped. We figure these two, Ayanda Mokgopa aka K1 Jaxe, and Dorin Shane Braun aka DSB had so much of that because they’ve been announced as the two finalists.

Kwesta took to his Instagram page to reveal the two rappers urging fans to choose who they think is better. He also revealed that he would be announcing the winner on June 20th. You should check both entries out, they really do deserve to be the two finalists.

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