Kwesta Gets Dragged After Former Manager Trashed Cassper & Nasty C’s Songs

Kwesta slammed on Twitter after former manager trashed Cassper Nyovest & Nasty C's songs

is dragged on after his former manager, Baloyi trashed and ’s songs.

Imagine doing time for a crime you didn’t commit. Well, sometimes that happens when you’re a big star and someone close to you makes a mess. That sort of is ’s story right now.

The “Ngud'” hit maker recently came under fire for a tweet by his former manager, Baloyi. The tweet trashed ’s new album “ Man With Some Power” and Cassper’s new single “BonginNkosi” featuring . No one knew Nota and Kwesta had parted ways a while before he trashed the songs so he was dragged for it.

The soon-to-be father of two later on tweeted revealing that they had parted ways a while ago. He also told everyone trying to reach him to do if directly and not through Baloyi. Hopefully, no major harm was done.

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