L-Tido Issues Statement After YouTube Deleted Raunchy Podcast

SA Hip Hop star and rising podcast host, L-Tido has issued a statement after YouTube deleted his raunchy podcast.

We are always wondering what L-Tido is up to. For a while, the rapper took a hiatus from social media and music. Fortunately for us, he returned with a new podcast titled “Only Fans Unplugged.”

The podcast aimed to showcase the stories of women who are making a living off Only Fans. The first episode featured star Terry, who also owns an Only Fans account. She opened up about her career and being f*nger b*nged in the house.

Well, fans’ joy was short-lived because L-Tido’s raunchy new podcast was deleted by YouTube. He issued a statement to address it. In it, he stated that his aim with the podcast was to “to humanize our OnlyFans ladies, it’s a pity us as a society are quick to judge ladies building businesses and careers on OnlyFans,” Check it out below.

For immediate Release22 September 2022 JOHANNESBURG, South

L-Tido’s raunchy OnlyFans Podcast deleted!

It was a bittersweet moment for L-Tido after the successful premiere of his OnlyFans Unplugged podcast. The podcast premiered on Wednesday 14th September 2022 at 1pm on his YouTube channel and quickly became the topic of conversation on SA’s streets.

The first episode of the OnlyFans Unplugged podcast featured Terry Treasure from Big Brother where she and L-Tido discussed everything OnlyFans and life after the Big Brother house. L-Tido felt there was a need to create a space for ladies earning a living from selling sexual content on the OnlyFans platform to talk about what they do, why they do it and help the public get an insight into the online adult entertainment industry.

L-Tido’s buzz was short lived when he discovered his debut podcast OnlyFans Unplugged was deleted on YouTube the morning of Friday 16th September 2022 . L-Tido said “My objective with the podcast is to humanize our OnlyFans ladies, its a pity as society are quick to judge ladies building businesses and careers on OnlyFans. This platform liberates the modern adult entertainer as removing the middleman reduces opportunities for exploitation and abuse.” So far, the raunchy podcast teaser video on L-Tido’s has received over 100,000 views in just a few days indicating that people are still talking about the no holds barred conversation that set the Internet on fire.

This is certainly not the end for the OnlyFans Unplugged podcast as L-Tido makes plans to make this podcast one of the biggest in the continent especially after Terry Treasure said, The podcast gave me a chance to share my side of the story, the feedback has been positive, and I got more subscriptions to my OnlyFans page.” There’s a real need for a podcast like this to spark much needed conversations around the adult entertainment industry, the stigmas faced by women and the way society degradesthese women.

To stay in in the loop with the podcast subscribe to L-Tido’s YouTube channel as the second coming will be soon, we will be back.

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