Lady Du And Her Lover Andile Have Separated

Singer Lady Du has separated from her husband, Andile Mxakaza. The songstress shared the breakup news in a recent post on her Instagram page.

She tried to contextualize the whole affair, insisting that they did not break up but decided to go their separate ways “before things went south.” She said they both realized they wanted different things.

So they separated, and they’re happy with the decision and will continue to support each other regardless. She insisted that the separation has not affected them and should not affect anyone out there.

Andile Mxakaza had a similar verdict, and he appeared apologetic to lady Du in a video he shared on his own Instagram page. He apologized to Lady Du that she never found peace in the relationship and noted he’s proud of her for making the decision she did.

He insisted that he wanted her to find true happiness, adding that she’s stronger than she looks. You can check out his post below.

The news of Lady Du’s breakup from Andile Mxakaza provoked sadness among her fans who really wanted her to be happy in her relationship. Well, as she’d stated, she’s happy with her decision. There you have it.

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