Lady Du Claims Her One Year Career Is Bigger Than K.O’s Eight Year Career

Piano star Lady Du claims her accomplishments in one year of doing music are bigger than K.O’s eight-year-long career accomplishments.

Shots fired! We repeat, there are shots fired! K.O has just caught a bullet from Lady Du, and it’s a sharp one. A while ago, the famous emcee dropped a freestyle where he called Lady Du out for gossiping about his song “SETE” going Gold.

Replying in a tweet, the Piano star revealed she had nothing to say and is not one to disrespect her elders. She also shared that only God knew the truth about their beef. However, the singer and DJ has finally reacted to the diss.

She appeared on “The Episode” podcast, where she spoke about accomplishing so much and making millions in one year, unlike K.O’s eight-year-long career. She said, “Let’s take everything, let’s leave SETE out because that’s where the issue is. Go to my numbers on on Apple music, and just check one of my songs. All of eight years of work and I did that in a year.”

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