Lady Zamar Responds To Sha Sha Replacement Believes

Lady Zamar reacts after Twitter user suggested Sha Sha had replaced her

Lady Zamar reacts to a Twitter user’s suggestion that Sha Sha had replaced her.

If you pay mush attention to the music industry lately, you’ll find out that female Mzansi vocalist, Sha Sha seems to be everywhere. The singer has appeared on some of the biggest songs on the airwaves and she’s currently receiving good credit for it.

Pointing out the singer’s dominance on the scene, a Twitter user suggested that she had replaced Lady Zamar who she believes in turn replaced Bucie. She wrote, “Just like Lady Zamar replaced Bucie, Sha Sha has replaced Lady Zamar!”.

Certainly not having any of that, Lady Zamar saw the suggestion as an insult to women in the industry and launched into a thread of tweets to speak against it. Speaking against misogyny in the music industry, she wrote

You guys do not have any respect for women in the music/entertainment industry.. like we are not seen or even taken seriously.. my goodness the disrespect is disgusting.. It’s like one woman at a time vibes with you all.. What must happen?

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