Lady Zamar Shocked By Results From Album Title Requests

Trolls give shocking replies to Lady Zamar's album title request

reacts to the shocking replies to her album title request.

Woah, we certainly didn’t see this one coming at all. We are sure didn’t either. Remember when the talented Vocalist took some time off social media due to the backlash she got for accusing of sexual assault? It doesn’t seem to have left her.

In a bid to promote her forthcoming album, the “My Baby” singer took to to ask fans for suggestions on what to name the album. Rather than offer up good suggestions, some trolls tried their best to ridicule her in the comments section.

One asked why she only follows one person on , and told her to go ask them for album title suggestions. Others replied by suggesting titles that referenced her relationship with ex-boyfriend, . The “Charlotte” simply replied and labeled the comments as “messy”. Hopefully, she comes up with a great title all by herself.

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