Lamiez Holworthy Reveals Grand Goals For Her Son Leano Zion

It is no longer news that South African DJ and media personality Lamiez Holworthy has given birth. The big news is that she is already dreaming big for her son and now thinks of documenting her son Leano Zion’s every milestone.

In a post on her Instagram Story, she shared that her goal is to document as much of her son’s life as she could so that he could one day look back and realize how much of a blessing he was to her and the family.

Her take is not at all surprising because, even before she gave birth, she was already intentional about her pregnancy. She knew what she wanted and how to go about it. And since she gave birth, her life has been transformed in a way so beautiful that she can’t stop speaking about it.

She sees Leano Zion as a blessing and the answer to her many prayers. You can check out her Instagram Story below.

Lamiez Holworthy Reveals Grand Goals For Her Son Leano Zion 2

Of course, she wouldn’t be the first to take the initiative to document her son’s progress. There are several other celebs who have done the same before her, her job would be easy because we are in the tech age with so many gadgets to capture those precious moments.

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