Lebo M Kicked Out of Luxury Mansion & Sued for R700k Debt

Award-winning filmmaker Lebo M is reportedly owing his landlady Lenora Alexander rent arrears totaling about R700k for his rented mansion at the highbrow Blair Atholl Golf Estate.

Reports indicated that he didn’t just leave but left destruction in his wake. He had allegedly destroyed remotes, curtains and other valuables. This has provoked a great conversation on social media.

While social media denizens are wondering what’s happening to Lebo M and what the state of his finances might be, the man himself appears to be in high spirits, indifferent to the negative press he’s receiving.

In a post to Instagram days ago, he had shouted out a good morning to his fans, letting them know that he’s feeling humbled and blessed and counting down to 11 July, which happens to be his birthday. He’d be 57 then.

By the way, Lebo M recently insinuated he was stabbed in the back – by a friend no less. He, however failed to name the friend or the circumstances.

Well, what’s your take the news Lebo M was booted out of his luxury for owing his landlady, and that he destroyed things in the property while leaving? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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