Light Aircraft Crash-Lands In Cape Town

In a scene reminiscent of a horror movie, a  light aircraft crashlanded in Cape Town and residents, instead of helping the survivors of the accident, decided to rob them before law enforcement arrived.

According to the City of Cape Town EMS spokesperson Eckardt Winks, the light aircraft crashlanded in Luzuko around 6 p.m. The crash attracted residents in Lower Crossroads, Cape Town, who attempted to rob the occupants, a pilot and his student.

According to multiple reports, the two were on a training flight when they experienced engine failure. As a result, they crashlanded the plane, which belonged to a flight school.

The sound of the crash attracted residents, who, in turn, drew the attention of others. In no time, the place was crowded, with crooks trying to rob the crash victims.

The pilot radioed traffic, announcing the emergency and calling for urgent assistance. Soon law enforcement arrived. And so did the firefighters. Soon the crowd was dispersed while the pilot and his student were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Investigations are currently ongoing as to the exact reason the plane crashed. For many social denizens, though, the important thing is that the aircraft’s occupants survived the crash. Some Solidarity.

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