Lil Bo Weep: Fans In Tears As Aussie Singer Dies Aged 22

Lil Bo Weep had many fans weeping after she died suddenly at the age of 22.

The YouTuber and singer’s cause of death has not been revealed, but her father has since confirmed her death to newsmen.

Born Winona Brooks in Adelaide, Australia, Lil Bo Weep was attracted to music pretty early and started making her own music, which she uploaded to SoundCloud.

Sadness seems to be an inspiration for her, as she indicates in her bio that she sings when she’s sad

Since popping on the music scene, she’s released several songs, as well as EP. Among her notable songs are “I wrote this Song 4 You,” “Sorry,” and “Can Not Fight Away My Hell.”

While she lived, the songstress magically combined hip hop, emo, and lo-fi genres.

Now that she’s no more, there appears to be greater interest in the music she had shared online. For instance, since the announcement of her death, the view stats on her songs on have increased magically.

Details of her burial have not been announced by her family. But then, as one fan has observed, they might bury Lil Bo weep, but she’ll continue to live – in the memory of those who love her.

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