Look Out! DJ Black Coffee, White Coffee Is On The Rise

DJ Black Coffee gets new competition, White Coffee

DJ Black Coffee gets a new rival, White Coffee.

If you’re yet to figure out what to do with all your free time this lockdown, it will surely come to you. Many people in Mzansi are finding themselves now, and trying their hands at things they previously weren’t used to.

The Lockdown has helped a certain new DJ shine, and Mzansi is loving her. The rising beat maker is now being dubbed DJ White Coffee so Black Coffee may need to defend his crown. Now here’s what’s up. A Twitter user shared a video of a Gogo making some very brilliant beats at home and Black Twitter was intrigued.

The video quickly went viral and people are loving it. It is obvious from the clip that the granny loves what she’s doing. Users went to the comments sections to suggest a name for her with some dubbing her White Coffee. We think it’s a great name . Hopefully she appears on the Channel O Lockdown House Party soon.

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