Ma-E Announces “Namanje & Forever” EP

SA star has announced his next project titled the “Namanje & Forever” EP.

You know how we have always stated that the SA scene has been well represented on the airwaves this year? There is so much more coming. We honestly are excited. The famous hitmaker Ma-E has finally announced plans to drop a new project.

He took to Twitter to announce that the forthcoming “Namanje & Forever” will drop soon. Fans were so excited. A fan asked if there would be a single release before the drops. He replied that the single would drop when the is made available for pre-order.

When another fan asked to send him beats for the EP, he revealed that it was already complete, and he had submitted it to the label. Now, all we can do is count down the days as we anticipate the release.

Maezeedoesit Twitter
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