MajorSteez Talks Amapiano Dominance In South Africa

Amapiano has been around for a while and has continued to grow, to the surprise of many who had written it off when it first emerged. There appears to be no end to the storm of options about the genre and it is doubtful this will change anytime soon.

Those commenting on the genre are even part of the culture themselves, including the band MajorSteeze. On amapiano’s continuing dominance in South Africa. MajorSteeze’s Sandile compared the genre’s impact in South Africa to that of hip hop.

While hip hop seemingly dominates the music landscape in other countries, amapiano is doing the same in the Rainbow Nation, which kind of makes it the South African hip hop. This much was revealed during a sit-down, the details of which are available at the bottom of this post – an embedded YouTube video.

One cannot fault MajorSteeze’s evaluation, though, because at some point. some critics had given a timeline for amapiano to become irrelevant and disappear as quickly as it came. Instead, the genre has continued to evolve, stealing musicians from hip hop and other genres along the way.

The dominance is such that some hip hop artist have admitted being under pressure to delve into amapiano.

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