Makhadzi Criticized For Using The Police As Private Security

Limpopo artiste has been dragged online for using the police as her private security.

When people become successful, they usually reach out to members of the armed forces for protection. But then, the armed forces, of which the police are part, are meant to – paid to – protect citizens and not used as private security.

had got many people talking when she innocently shared a photo of herself being protected by about 20 persons from the SAPS (South African Police Services).

While some fans thought nothing of the photo, others thought it showed power and must have made the “Ghanama” hitmaker proud of herself. And yet there were those who thought she was wrong to have used the force for her personal protection. You can check out the controversial picture and Makhadzi’s post below.

is one of the most loved South African singers out there and one of the most entertaining, too. Her performances are usually thronged by fans eager to see her perform. And she never disappoints.

At just 24 years old, she’s also one of the high achievers on the music scene in South Africa and one of the celebs with the strongest following on Facebook (4 million followers).

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