Makhadzi Sets A Limit Between Herself And Mphoza

Makhadzi distances herself from Mphosa as the fight over her management blows up.

South African artiste Makhadzi is back in the tabloids as the issue over her management continues. Recall that she recently allowed the Limpopo Artists Movement (LAM) to intervene on her behalf about her financial issue between her and her former manager Rita Dee Nephawe. Which she then in turn distanced herself from the LAM movement.

Makhadzi in another turn of events as now come out to accuse the Chairperson of LAM, Gospel artist and SKeem Saam series actor Mphoza Mashabela of overstepping his boundary in the matter. This is coming after Nephawe was issued a letter of demand from Makhadzi’s lawyer that was provided by LAM.

In the letter  Makhadzi demands that Nephawe gave her financial statements and invoices issued by her ex manager during their business relationship which reportedly started in 2013 and ended few weeks ago.  Makhadzi in turn denied having any knowledge about the letter, in her words;

I’,m not working with Mphoza, I’m currently working on my own, I’m independent. I’m not aware of any letter of demand. Yes, Mphoza assisted me with mediation with Rita two weeks ago

Nephawe has in turn denied getting any letter of demand from Makhadzi.

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, popularly known as Makhadzi is a South African singer, she is best known for her songs “Tshanda Vhuya” and “Matorokisi”.

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