Malome Vector In Brutal War With Ambitiouz Entertainment

In a move which will not surprise anyone who has been following the Ambitiouz Entertainment story and brand, Malome Vector, one of the record label’s signees. has taken the label to court for taking credit for the song he recently released.

According to multiple reports, Malome Vector, whose birth name is Bokang Malule, left the record label last year and has been releasing and promoting his music on his own. And now, the record he has released, the label has claimed as part of its own.

That decision didn’t sit well with Malome Vector, and he had taken the label to court, allowing his lawyer to sort out the issue.

Another source claimed that, Malome Vector was treated shabbily and not promoted properly, leaving him frustrated and he had to leave even before the expiration of his contract with the record label. Thus, because, allegedly, because he still had a subsisting contract with Ambitiouz, the record label is laying ownership claims to whatever he releases despite him saying he is no longer part of the label.

Ambitiouz Entertainment has fought almost every artist previously signed to it, from Saudi to Emtee to Amanda Black. So maybe the war with Malome shouldn’t be surprising.

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