#Mamboyi: Man Trends For Allegedly Raping And Strangling A Goat

Mzansi wakes up to a man named Mamboyi, trending heavily for raping and strangling a goat to death.

Another day, another shocker. Mzansi woke up to a new drama. This one has shocked us to the bone. A man named Mamboyi is blowing up the trends list, and it’s all because of a goat and a couple of grannies.

The story is that the man, Mamboyi, raped a goat to quench his sexual urge and then strangled the goat to death. The grannies played ‘detective’ and fished him out. Clips from the event have been circulating social media all morning. The video shows the lifeless goat lying on the ground.

While defending himself, the man revealed that he turned to the goat because “women tighten up.” Indeed, a shocking reason to molest a goat. Twitter users have shared their reactions to the shocking event. Check out the videos and some of the tweets below.

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