Many Red Flags: Somizi Addresses Failed Relationship With Mohale

For former celebrity couple Mohale and Somizi, it is over, and yet it isn’t over. As ironic as that sounds, that’s the reality. Their marriage is over, with each exploring new experiences, but the revelations about what was and what could have been aren’t over just yet. 

A year ago, Mohale had spilt the tea on their relationship in a leaked audio. Among others, he notes that Somizi was abusive in their relationship and had, at a point, threatened him with a knife. 

The revelations led to so much uproar at the time that many social media users called for the cancellation of Somizi. He ended up losing his job as one of the judges on the reality show Idols SA. (He’d get the job back later.)

Anyway, it appears to be Somizi’s turn right now, and he hasn’t held back from spilling things about his relationship with Mohale. He said there were so many red flags in his relationship, but he chose to ignore them — to his regret. 

On Mohale’s claims that he once suggested a threesome, Somizi noted that their sex life was bad and that Mohale was living in denial and even rejected his suggestions of sex therapy. 

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