Mapaseka Mokwele Loses Job At Wits Business School Over Assault Drama

The rate at which South Africa is contending with assault cases might leave one wondering if it is fighting to become the assault capital of the world. There is rarely a day without a reported case of assault in the Rainbow Nation.

Anyway, it has just been reported that the Wits Business School has just terminated the contract of radio personality Mapaseka Mokwele over assault allegations against her.

Mapaseka Mokwele and Thandi Makubelewere good friends once upon a time. In fact, their friendship was said to date back 15 years. But they had a falling apart, with Mokwele filing a lawsuit against Makubele over the disclosure of private information.

She reportedly didn’t want the information disclosed and reached out to Makubele not to share the same. But she still went ahead to share it. It was said that several attempts were made to resolve the conflict between the two, but it was futile. So the issue had to be escalated to the high court.

But it cost Mokwele her job at Wits Business School. Unwilling to be dragged into the whole assault allegation drama, the institution decided to terminate its contract with Mokwele.

It’s unclear in what direction the case would lead, so stay tuned.

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