Maraza Details Racial Attack While Playing Online Games

Maraza says he was a racial attack victim while playing an online game

recounts the racial attack he went through while playing an online game.

All over the world, the issue of racism is being protested. It may seem that it is finally being addressed but that may just be on paper. Mzansi artist, recently took to to detail the racial abuse he passed through while playing an online game.

He revealed that he hadn’t been a victim of that music racist attacks on Play Station since 2017. He stated that such racist attacks make it impossible to enjoy the game. According to him, a bunch of racist white gamers regarded him with the word “c**t” and “n**ga”.

He also revealed that they called him “Ebola-infested” saying he shouldn’t use up all his rights so soon because he didn’t have them 70 years ago. At some point, he revealed he lost his cool and threw a few “yo mamas” here and there to defend himself.