Masechaba Ndlovu Joins The Fray, Claims Jub Jub Raped Her As Well

When it rains, it pours, said a wise one at some point. And for South African rapper Jub Jub, it has been pouring trouble.

started for Jub Jub after he sat down for an interview with MacG on the set of Podcast and Chill. At the interview, Jub Jub broke the time-honored rule not to discuss your sex life publicly.

In that interview he had stated that he had sex with – or, as he puts it, “smashed” – the actress Amanda Du-Pont. He also claimed that they had issues in their relationship only because Amanda saw a picture of with him.

Well, Amanda Du-Pont had stated in a video posted to her verified Instagram channel that Jub Jub actually raped her and even threatened to kill her at some point. The allegations forced to suspend him as a presenter at the station.

But it appears the was only just getting started. Media personality has not only stated publicly that she believes Amanda, but she’s also claiming that Jub Jub raped her as well at the house of one Mama Jackie at Naturena. She didn’t give the year of the incident, though.

It remains to be seen how Jub Jub will navigate the crisis currently enveloping him.

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