Master KG Gifts Fan a New House

Mzansi singer Master KG was in a generous mood recently and bought a new house for a fan. But he didn’t noise it like some other celebs would have done.

But then the person for whom he bought the house, a man who goes by the Twitter handle @Djngwazilu, was too excited about the house gift not to noise it to the world.

Although he failed to share an image of the house, the fan let the world know in a tweet days ago that the “Jerusalema” songster bought him a house. It was still like a dream to him because he never though he would one day wake up in the Midrand area of Johannesburg to clean a house all his own – a gift from master KG. He tagged the Limpopo artiste to the post.

Curious Twitter users asked the fan if indeed  Master KG bought him a house, and he confirmed he did. Many congratulated him on his good fortune.

Master KG retweeted the fan’s tweet, congratulating him on the house.

What do you think of Master KGbuying a new housefor a fan? Would you have done the same in a similar situation? You’re welcome to sound off in the comment section below.

John Israel A

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