Mbali Ntuli Resigns From The Democratic Alliance (DA) & Provincial Legislature

Mbali Ntuli, a Democratic Alliance (DA) member of the provincial legislature (MPL), resigned from the party.

In a statement addressed to her supporters soon after her resignation, she affirmed that the decision to resign from the DA was not something she took lightly. It was a necessary decision for her growth as a community leader.

She also noted the importance of change, creating room for reflection and renewal. In the spirit of changes, then, according to her, she’s resigned from the Democratic Alliance and as a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature.

She thanked her colleagues who have made contributions to her political journey, which started about 15 years ago.

Mbali Ntuli was only 19 years old when she joined the DA, South Africa’s second-largest political party. She was instrumental in building the Rhodes university chapter of the party.

She was instrumental in building the party’s structure across institutions and had the chance to meet many people doing in the course of duty.

Mbali Ntuli’s resignation has been greeted with mixed reactions. While some party members are happy to see her go, as that would amount to fewer challengers, others thought her leaving would be a loss to the party.

Either way, Mbali Ntuli has made her decision.

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