Mixed Reaction Trail Normani Featuring On Chris Brown’s “WE” Video

Twitter is bubbling with mixed reactions as singer and dancer Chris Brown premieres the music video of his song “WE” (Warm Embrace), featuring Rodrigo.

One Twitter user was miffed that the collaboration should happen in the first place when the singer has a history of abusing women, especially black women (alleged.) The same person also condemned other women who had worked with Chris Brown.

Another commented that was jeopardising her career by collaborating with Chris Brown, who’s on record to have assaulted his ex-girlfriend at some point. To them, it was a big fail on Normani’s part.

And yet others moved beyond the singer’s history to point at the aesthetics of the music video released. According to this class of peeps, the two musicians actually put out a relatable love jam that anyone should be okay vibing with.

may not have pleased her critics with her actions, but then he did what she wanted. And she’s happy collaborating with the songster, well…

With the current wave of criticisms, joins a long list of musicians who have been condemned for collaborating with another musician the public thinks has a history of abuse. But will that change anything?

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