Mixed Reactions As Kanye West Announces “Donda 2” Album Won’t Be Available On Streaming Platforms

American rapper Kanye West is gearing to release a new album name for his late mother, “Donda 2.” But there’s a catch. According to him, the new project will not be available on streaming platforms.

Er, can you imagine an album from a global rap force that’s unavailable where fans can easily access them?

Well, Ye has made up his mind, and from the look of things, there’s no going back now.

In a recent post to his verified Instagram page, the songster had announced that “Donda 2”  will not be available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

He insisted the music will only be available on Stem Player, noting that the system is oppressive and artists only get to receive just 12 percent from the sale of their songs.

So, according to him, it’s time to free the music from the oppressive system and give power back to the musicians.  You can check out his post below.

While some fans applauded the plan to snub and other streaming platfrms, others advised him not to jettison the straming pladorms, as he risks  losing a great chunk of his fan base.

But with the songster listen to the nay sayers? He’s known for always going his way, getting his way. What will be different this time?

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