Mixed Reactions As Nick Cannon Hints at Having 13th Child

This cannon is still firing, in case you don’t already know. Yes, American media personality Nick Cannon has just given hints of siring his 13th child.

The television personality took to his verified Twitter account where he tweeted a cryptic message indicating he would be making a big announcement on the 7th of March. A death skull and a feeding bottle indicated that the announcement might be about the coming of another baby.

The message did not sit well with many Twitter users, some of whom asked him to stop using baby-making for clout and others told him outright to get a vasectomy. For those pushing the vasectomy angle, there is actually nothing novel to it because Cannon had hinted about the possibility of that sometime last year.

From the look of things, however, he is not ready for that just yet. he is still in the business of babymaking and counts some notable figures among his baby mamas, including the celebrated singer Maria Carey.

Whether the TV personality would eventually listen to his fans and have that vasectomy remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though: America is watching Nick Cannon’s next move and would certainly say something about the same.

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