Mixed Reactions Trail DJ Sbu’s Plans To Bring Cryptocurrencies To The Hood

The hustle continues for Mo Faya boss DJ Sbu as he informs fellow South Africans of his plans to bring cryptocurrencies to the hood in Mzansi. However, some South Africans are already suspecting a scam.

In a tweet from Cape Town on September 7, the songster had affirmed he was taking cryptocurrencies to the hood, stating it was time for people to unlearn and relearn.

The post elicited mixed reactions from Twitter denizens, while some supported the idea, others thought it was an avenue to bilk the public and they encouraged others to beware of the muso’s offer.

You can check out the DJ’s post below.

By the way, cryptocurrencies are currently the in-thing in the digital space, dominating conversations. There are chances of making incredibly high returns, as well as losses, from cryptocurrencies. Will DJ Sbu’s plans of taking crypto to the hood ultimately work out. The coming details will reveal just that. For our part, we will bring you the details.

What do you think of DJ Sbu’s plans to bring cryptocurrencies to the hood in Mzansi and the reactions the plan has elicited so far? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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