Mixed Reactiions As Nick Cannon Forgets 7-Month-Old Daughter Onyx’s Name In Naming His 12 Children

A father unable to remember his child’s name is, to many people, the ultimate gaffe, and they are most likely to erupt in guffaws over it and probably slam the person responsible.

At least that was when Nick Cannon faced recently after 7-month-old daughter Onyx’s name while trying to name his 12 children. Nick Cannon and his serial parenting have been subjects of sporadic conversation on social media, with tweeps slamming him for not leaving his “thing” in his pants but sharing it generously with the ladies.

Recognising the situation, at some point, Nick Cannon had even contemplated the birth control option, but it appeared it was just bants without real motivation, as he added his 12th child to the family.

While some tweeps have no quarrel with the number of children the media personality is determined to have, his forgetting his youngest daughter’s name rubbed many tweeps the wrong way, as they mocked him for it.

The Daily Loud captured the moment the media personality attempted to name his 12 kids but forgot the youngest of the brood, You can check it out below.

The bigger joke just might be that despite the criticisms over his naming fail, Nick Cannon might not be done with making babies yet. Lol.

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