Molly Shannon Alleges that Actor Gary Coleman Sexually Violated Her

Molly Shannon fired shots at actor Gary Coleman in a recent interview, claiming that he sexually assaulted her. 

She made the claims during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. She claimed the assault had taken place at the actor’s penthouse hotel room. 

Circa 1987. Molly had just signed with Coleman’s manager Randall and went on to meet Coleman at the Plaza Hotel in New York. 

Coleman had invited her to check out the penthouse he was living in, and she agreed. Molly aimed that Coleman’s behaviour changed as soon as Randall left. He became “relentless,” she alleged. 

He bid her to sit on the bed and started tickling her, but she wasn’t having it. It became a cat and mouse game — him making fierce advances and her rejecting them. 

It got so far that she fled into the bathroom and locked herself in. She escaped from the penthouse soon after. Outside, she had bid Randall watch Coleman more closely. 

Coleman is late. He died at 42, so he can’t give his side of the story. Also, so far, there have been no comments from his representatives. 

It will be interesting to see if and what his reps will say in the coming days. Stay tuned. 

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