Moneoa Details Failed Relationship With Phiwe Maphanga And How He Scammed Her

Singer Moneoa has spilt the tea about her failed relationship with ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga, dismissing him as a scammer who took advantage of her love for privacy and not only duped her but ruined her emotionally,

Before she detailed that, she had shared a picture of herself and Phiwe Maphanga on Instagram, noting how their relationship wasn’t the best and how he had cheated on her with a Chinese woman in her 60.

She noted she had evidence to back up her cheating allegations against her, claiming Phiwe Maphanga had introduced the Chinese woman as his businessman. Still, she would find out the truth about their relationship.

She also gave some clues about losing her accommodation, all because of how Phiwe Maphanga manipulated her emotionally and in other ways. She urged her fans to join her for an Instagram live session in which she’d detail the situation more, spanning their relationship’s five years.

The revelations created a furore online, with some social media users classifying Phiwe Maphanga among men who would enter a woman’s life and ruin it. For some tweeps, though, karma exists, and it would catch up with Phiwe Maphanga soon.

Phiwe Maphanga had said nothing about the allegations at the time of writing.

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